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The municipality Wręczyca Wielka lies in the northern part of Silesia, in the immediate vicinity of Czestochowa. The southern part of the area of land is north Forests Landscape Park of the Upper Liswarta which is a part of the Team of Landscape Parks Silesian Province. Wręczyca Wielka is ecologically clean area, is one of the municipalities the Local Action Group "Zielony Wierzchołek Śląska".

The natural values.

The main elements affecting large natural values of the municipality are: relatively rich flora, large variety of habitats, high forest cover, numerous preserved old trees and a well-developed network of surface water which creates favorable conditions for the existence of native species of flora and fauna. The main watercourses are the rivers Pankówka municipalities, Biała i Czarna Oksza and Gorzelanka. Their numerous, often nameless tributaries enable the combined combined with diverse terrain numerous education hydro ecosystems constitute a refuge of rare species of plants and animals.

Map of the Wręczyca Wielka commune

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